Kracq were a Dutch symphonic-rock band that released the album Circumvision on small-press Unidentified Artists Productions in 1978. Live recordings from the period were later pressed on CD-R and sold on the band’s website.

Members: Bert Vermijs (synthesizers, keyboards, vocals), Jos Hustings (guitar, vocals), Cees Michielsen (drums, percussion, 1977-1979), Twan van der Heiden (bass guitar, 1977-1979), Charlot Rutten (vocals, 1980), Toni Guarracino (vocals, recorder, 1980)


  • Circumvision (1978)
  • Cellar Tapes I (2005)
  • Cellar Tapes II: A Madman’s Jail (2005)
  • Cellar Tapes III: Crumbled voices (2005)
  • Live (2005)

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