Kollektiv were a German jazz-psych/jam band that released a self-titled album on Brain in 1973. That same year, the band were documented live and in a volume of SWF sessions that were ultimately released in the 21st century by archivists Long Hair.

Members: Jürgen Havix (guitar, zither), Klaus Dapper (flute, saxophone), Jürgen “Jogi” Karpenkiel (bass), Waldmar “Waldo” Karpenkiel (drums, Cymbals), Jochen Schrumpf (guitar), Detlef Wiederhöft (bass), Thomas Bettermann (keyboards), Jonas Hellborg (bass)


  • Kollektiv (1973)
  • Kollektiv feat. Jonas Hellborg (1988)
  • SWF-Sessions Volume 5 (2001, recorded 1973)
  • Live 1973 (2005, recorded 1973)

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