Kissing the Pink

Kissing the Pink were an English New Wave/synthpop band that released a standalone single on Virgin-imprint Martyrwell Music Co. in 1981, followed by three albums with accompanying singles on Magnet between 1983 and 1986.

Members: Nicholas Whitecross (lead vocals, guitar), Jon Kingsley Hall (keyboards, synthesizer, vocals), Stephen Cusack (drums, percussion, vocals, 1980-88), George Stewart (keyboards, vocals, 1980-85, 1988-present), Peter Barnett (bass, violin, vocals, 1980-85), Josephine Wells (saxophone, vocals, 1980-85), Sylvia Griffin (lead vocals, 1980-83), Simon Aldridge (guitar, bass, vocals, 1984-88)

  • “Don’t Hide in the Shadows” / “Hand Held Cameras” (1981)
  • Naked (1983)
  • What Noise (1984)
  • Certain Things Are Likely (1986)

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