King were an English soul-pop band from Coventry that released the album Steps in Time with accompanying singles on CBS in late 1984, followed by Bitter Sweet in 1985. Both albums were produced by Richard James Burgess (Easy Street, Landscape, Spandau Ballet). The band lacked an official drummer; Burgess fulfilled that role on the first album while ex-Members drummer Adrian Lillywhite stepped in for the second. Earlier in the decade, vocalist Paul King fronted the two-tone/ska band Reluctant Stereotypes. He subsequently recorded a solo album, Joy, and became a TV presenter.

Members: Paul King (vocals), James “Jackel” Lantsbery (guitar), Mick Roberts (keyboards), Tony Wall (bass), Adrian Lillywhite (drums)


  • Steps in Time (1984)
  • Bitter Sweet (1985)

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