Kim Jung Mi

Kim Jung Mi (김정미, born April 23, 1953) is a South Korean singer who recorded a string of albums during the 1970s. She is most revered internationally for the folk/psych albums Now and 바람 (Balam), both released in 1973 on Fontana and Universal, respectively. Most of the songs on these albums were written by Seoul rock guitarist/bandleader Shin Joong Hyun (신중현, also spelled Shin Jung-Hyeon.)


  • 김정미 최신가요집 (Kim Jung Mi choesin gayo jib) (1972)
  • 간다고 하지마오 아니야 (Gandago Hajimao Aniya) (1973)
  • Now (1973)
  • 바람 (Balam) (1973)
  • 이건 너무 하잖아요 (1974)
  • 나는 바본가봐・난 정말 몰라요 ‎(1977)
  • 처음만나/저녁목장 (1978)

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