Kilburn and the High Roads

Kilburn and the High Roads were an English R&B/rock band from London, active for five years prior to their 1975 singular album Handsome, issued on Dawn upon the group’s disbandment. In 1976, vocalist Ian Dury and saxophonist Davey Payne assembled a new lineup that ultimately became the Blockheads. Kilburn guitarist Keith Lucas soon became Nick Cash, frontman of punk-rockers 999.

Members: Ian Dury (vocals), Ted Speight [aka Ed Speight] (guitar), Charlie Hart (bass), George Khan (saxophone), Russell Hardy (piano, 1970-74), Terry Day (drums, 1970-73), Davey Payne (saxophone), Humphrey Ocean (bass), Keith Lucas [aka Nick Cash] (guitar, 1973-75), Ian Smith (bass, 1973-74), Charlie Sinclair (bass, 1974-?), David Newton-Rohoman (drums, 1973-75), Rod Melvin (piano, 1974-75)


  • Handsome (1975)

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