Keith Christmas

Keith Christmas is an English singer-songwriter who debuted with the 1969 album Stimulus on RCA. That same year, he played guitar on the second self-titled album by David Bowie. During 1970/71, Christmas released the albums Fable of the Wings and Pigmy on B & C. Both contain a mix of tender chamber pop, finger-picking folk rock, and lengthy post-psych numbers. Concurrently, he backed Scottish folkster Shelagh McDonald on her two albums.

In 1974, Christmas recorded Brighter Day with producer Peter Sinfield for Emerson Lake & Palmer‘s Manticore label. Sinfield introduced him to Esperanto, a chamber-rock big band whose vocalist, Glenn Shorrock, departed for the Little River Band. Christmas sang on Esperanto’s second album, Danse Macabre. His fifth and final album of the period, Stories From the Human Zoo, appeared on Manticore in 1976.

He was born Keith Peter Christmas on October 13, 1946, in Wivenhoe, near Colchester, Essex, England.


  • Stimulus (1969)
  • Fable of the Wings (1970)
  • Pigmy (1971)
  • Brighter Day (1974)
  • Stories From the Human Zoo (1976)


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