Kaveret — aka Poogy — were an Israeli art-pop/comedy band that released two albums on Hed Arzi in 1973 and 1974. The band’s third and final album appeared 15 years after the second.

Members: סנדרסון דני [Danny Sanderson] (guitar), גידי גוב [Gidi Gov] (lead vocals), אלון אולארצ’יק [Alon Oleartchik] (bass, vocals), אפרים שמיר [Ephraim Shamir] (guitar, vocals), יצחק קלפטר [Yitzhak Klepter] (guitar, vocals), יוני רכטר [Yoni Rechter] (keyboards, vocals), מאיר פנגשטיין [Meir Fenigstein] (drums, vocals)


  • Poogy Tales (1973)
  • Poogy in Pita (1974)
  • Crowded in the Ear (1989)

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