Katarina II

Katarina II were a Yugoslav New Wave band for Beograd, Serbia, formed in 1982. The band released a self-titled album in 1984 on ZKP RTVLJ and subsequently changed their name to Ekatarina Velika for two additional albums on the label, switching to RTB in the late 1980s.

Members: Milan Mladenović (vocals, guitar), Margita Stefanović [Magi] (keyboards), Bojan Pečar (bass, 1983-85), Dragomir Mihajlović [Gagi] (guitar, 1982-84), Dušan Dejanović (drums, 1982), Branko Kuštrin [Mango] (drums, 1982), Zoran Radomirović [Švaba] (bass, 1982), Ivan Vdović [Vd] (drums, 1983-84), Ivan Fece [Firči] (drums, 1984-85)


  • Katarina II (1984)

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