Kaleidoscope was a Japanese jazz-rock super-session that yielded a self-titled album on Denon in 1978. The album was recorded on Feb. 26 that year at Taihei Recording Studio to commemorate the 200th FM Tokyo Denon live concert. Arrangements on the session were handled by guitarist Kazumi Watanabe and keyboardist Mickie Yoshino. The recording also features vocalist Carmen Maki, organist George Murasaki (Murasaki), guitarist Masami Tsuchiya (Ippu-Do, Japan), and the rhythm section from Godiego.

Members: Kazumi Watanabe (guitar, arrangements), Mickie Yoshino (keyboards, arrangements), Kazuo Takeda (guitar), Keni Inoue (guitar), Masami Tsuchiya (guitar), George Murasaki (organ), Hiroshi Matsumoto (electric piano), Hidefumi Toki (alto/soprano saxophone), Takao Uematsu (tenor saxophone), Steve Fox (bass), Shigeru Okazawa (bass), Shuichi Murakami (drums), Tommy Snyder (drums), Tatsuji Yokoyama (precussion), Carmen Maki (vocals), Shun Sakai (vocals)


  • Kaleidoscope (1978)

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