Kalahari Surfers

The Kalahari Surfers are a South African avant-garde/experimental rock band that was initially active as a recording unit during the mid-to-late 1980s. The bands music from this period often juxtaposed manic, zolo-ish arrangements with strident, political lyrics.

The Surfers’ first proper album, Own Affairs, appeared in 1984 on the Gross National Products label, founded by frontman Warrick Sony. The 1985 followup, Living in the Heart of the Beast, drew its title from the 1975 Henry Cow epic and was issued on Chris Cutler’s Recommended Records, as was 1987’s Sleep Armed. Subsequent releases appeared on Recommended-spinoff RēR Megacorp. 

Members: Warrick Sony, Brian Rath (drums, percussion, electronics, 1979-?), Hamish Davidson (saxophone, guitar, keyboards, 1979-?) Chris Cutler (drums, 1986), Alig Fodder (keyboards, 1986), Mick Hobbs (bass, 1986), Tim Hodgkinson (keyboards, saxophone, slide guitar, 1986)


  • Own Affairs (1984)
  • Living in the Heart of the Beast (1985)
  • Sleep Armed (1987)
  • Than Jesus (1990)

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