Kaipa is a Swedish symphonic/art-rock band from Uppsala, formed in 1973. During the band’s first two years they performed as Ura Kaipa, issuing a single under that name on Four Leaf Records. Between 1975 and 1978, the band released three albums on Decca, followed by two additional albums during the early 1980s on Polar and Piglet. Since 2002, a more prolific stream of discs have appeared under the reactivated nameplate.

Members: Hans Lundin (vocals, keyboards), Tomas Eriksson (bass, vocals, 1973-77), Roine Stolt (vocals, guitar, 1974-79, 2000-05), Ingemar Bergman (drums, vocals, 1974-81), Mats Löfgren (vocals, 1977-80), Mats Lindberg (bass, 1977-80), Max Åhman (guitar, 1979-82), Mats “Microben” Lindberg (bass, 1980-82), Pelle Andersson (drums, 1982)

The band was formed in 1973 as Ura Kaipa by singer/keyboardist Hans Lundin and bassist /singer Tomas Eriksson. Both hailed from the organ-psych band San Michael’s, which issued a self-titled album on Sweden’s California label in 1971. Lundin also played in its beat-era predecessor S:t Michael Sect, which issued three singles during the mid-1960s.

As Ura Kaipa, they issued the single “För Sent” (b/w “Bay-e Bay-o”) in 1974 on Four Leaf Clover Records. Soon thereafter, singer/guitarist Roine Stolt joined just months shy of his 18th birthday. Drummer Ingemar Bergman completed the lineup, which shortened its name to Kaipa. They recorded their first album at Marcus Music, Solna, in July 1975.


  • “För Sent” / “Bay-e Bay-o” (as “Urakaipa”, 1974)
  • Kaipa (1975)
  • Inget nytt under solen (1976)
  • Solo (1978)
  • Händer (1980)
  • Nattdjurstid (1982)


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