Jutro were a Yugoslav jazz-rock band from Ljubljana in modern-day Slovenia, formed in 1970. The band’s ’70s-era output was limited to a 1972 single on Beograd and a 1976 7″ on RTB, plus a song apiece on the 1973/74 Boom Festival documents. In 1980, the band released their singular album Dobro Jutro on ZKP RTVLJ.

Members: Zoran Crnković (guitar, vocals), Marjan Frol (bass), Pavle Ristić (drums), Miro Tomasini (bass), Drago Gajić (bass), Alan Jakin (guitar), Lado Jakša (saxophone), Jordan Gančev (keyboards)


  • “Ostajem tebi (VŠS ’72)” / “Sad te vidim” (1972)
  • “Prema suncu” / “Mozart” (1976)
  • Dobro Jutro (1980)

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