Justine were an English folk-pop band from London that released a standalone single on Paramount division Dot in 1969, followed by a self-titled album on MCA-subsidiary Uni in 1970. Vocalist Laurie Styvers cut two albums for Warner/Chrysalis between 1971 and 1973. Guitarist John McBurnie appeared in the 1972/73 lineup of Jackson Heights and later formed the pop trio Vapour Trails.

Members: John McBurnie (vocals), Laurie Styvers (vocals), Keith Trowsdale (guitar, vocals), Bethlyn Bates (vocals), Valerie Cope (vocals), Dougie Wright (drums), Chris Gibb (drums), Jerry Hovell (bass)


  • “Leave Me Be” / “Clown” (1969)
  • Justine (1970)

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