Junipher Greene

Junipher Greene were a Norwegian folk-rock/psych band that debuted to much fanfare with the 1971 double-album Friendship on Sonet. The band’s second album, Communication, was issued by the On label in 1973. One further album appeared on Musikkselskapet in 1982.

Members: Bent Åserud (guitar, keyboards, flute, vocals), Geir Bøhren (vocals, drums, saxophone), Helge Grøslie (organ, vocals, 1966-73), Øyvind Vilbo (bass, vocals, guitar, 1966-74), Freddy Dahl (guitar, vocals, 1969-72), Bjørn Sønstevold (bass, 1966-67), Sverre Beyer (bass, 1974), Lars Hesla (keyboards, 1975-83), Arve Sakariassen (bass, 1975), Jan Devik (bass, 1976-77), Jørund Bøgeberg (bass, vocals, 1978-83)


  • Friendship (1971)
  • Communication (1973)
  • Forbudte Formiddagstoner (1982)

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