Julverne were a Belgian classical/folk ensemble that was initially active between the late 1970s and mid-1980s. The revolving door line-up consisted of anywhere from eight to 12 members at a given time. On 1980’s sophomoric A Neuf album, the band were joined by pianist/composer Charles Loos, who had mined similar territory in the acoustic collective Nuit Câline à la Villa Mon Rêve. Praised for its sublime interplay of woodwinds and strings, the album spread the Flemish chamber sound to a wider international audience.

Members: Pierre Coulon (flute), Jeannot Gillis (violin, trombone), Michel Berckmans (bassoon), Jean-Paul Laurent (piano), Denis van Hecke (cello), Dirk Descheemaeker (clarinet), Claudine Steenackers (cello), André Klénès (contrabass), Charles Loos (piano), Edith Heudens (alto), Aurelia Boven (cello), Emmanuel Suys (clarinet)


  • Coulonneux (1979)
  • À Neuf (1980)
  • Emballade … (1983)
  • Ne Parlons Pas de Mahleur (1986)
  • Le Pavillon des Passions Humaines ‎(2000)

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