Juluka were a South African mbaqanga duo comprised of guitarists/vocalists Johnny Clegg and Sipho Mchunu. The two came together in 1969 as teenagers and performed in Johannesburg for nearly a decade as Johnny and Sipho. Renamed Juluka and augmented with backing players, the duo debuted on CBS in 1979 with the album Universal Men. Eight further albums, mostly on the MINC label, appeared over the next 18 years.

Members: Johnny Clegg (vocals, guitar), Sipho Mchunu (vocals, guitar, concertina)

Between the mid-1980s and early ’90s, Clegg released a solo album and courted global appeal with the pop/World Music act Savuka, which issued four albums on EMI and Capitol.


  • Universal Men (1979)
  • African Litany (1981)
  • Ubuhle Bemvelo (1982)
  • Scatterlings (1982)
  • Stand Your Ground (1982)
  • Work for All (1983)
  • Musa Ukungilandela (1984)
  • Juluka Live (The Good Hope Concerts) (1986)
  • Crocodile Love (1997)

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