Josipa Lisac

Josipa Lisac (born Feb. 14, 1950) is a Croatian vocalist who briefly sang with the Zagreb pop groups O’Hara and Zlatni Akordi during the late 1960s. In 1969, she began a long run of solo singles on Jugoton, which issued her popular 1973 album Dnevnik Jedne Ljubavi. Over the next 14 years she released six further albums on the label.


  • Dnevnik jedne ljubavi (1973)
  • Josipa Lisac & B.P. Convention Big Band International (1976)
  • Made in USA (1979)
  • Hir, hir, hir (1980)
  • Lisica (1982)
  • Hoću samo tebe (1983)
  • Boginja (1987)

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