Josef K

Josef K were a Scottish New Wave/pop-rock band from Edinburgh that debuted with a single on self-press Absolute Records in 1979, followed by the album The Only Fun in Town with accompanying singles on Postcard Records in 1981. Two further singles followed on Les Disques Du Crépuscule in 1981/82. The album was preceded by the test-press full-length Sorry for Laughing, which was ultimately given an official release by archivists LTM in 2012.

Members: Paul Haig (vocals, guitar), Ronnie Torrance (drums), Malcolm Ross (guitar, piano), Dave Weddell (bass, 1979-81)

The Josef K rhythm section of bassist Dave Weddell and drummer Ronnie Torrance formed The Happy Family with singer/songwriter Nick Currie, who later recorded as Momus. Guitarist/vocalist Paul Haig launched a solo career, releasing four proper albums and assorted singles between 1983 and 1989. Guitarist/pianist Malcolm Ross did stints in Orange Juice and Aztec Camera and also cut several solo singles.


  • “Chance Meeting” / “Romance” (1979)
  • “Radio Drill Time” / “Crazy to Exist” (1980)
  • “It’s Kinda Funny” / “Final Request” (1980)
  • “Sorry for Laughing” / “Revelation” (1981)
  • “Chance Meeting” / “Pictures (of Cindy)” (1981)
  • The Only Fun in Town (1981)
  • “The Missionary” / “One Angle” / “Second Angle” (1982)
  • “Heaven Sent” / “Radio Drill Time” / “Heads Watch” / “Fun ‘n Frenzy” (1987)
  • Sorry for Laughing (2012, recorded 1980)

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