Jordi Sabatés

Jordi Sabatés (born Oct. 23, 1948) is a Spanish jazz pianist who first emerged in the mid-1960s as a member of the Barcelona beat band Pic-Nic. During the first three years of the 1970s, he played in the jazz-psych bands Jarka and Om, recording two albums with the former and one with the latter. Since 1973, he has released more than 12 albums in solo and combo configurations on Edigsa, BASF, RCA, and other labels.


  • Jordi Sabatés i Toti Soler (1973 • Jordi Sabatés & Toti Soler)
  • El Senyor dels Anells (1974)
  • Vampyria (1974 • Tete Montoliu & Jordi Sabatés)
  • El Fantasma de Canterville (1975)
  • Ocells del Més Enllà (1975)
  • Tot l’enyor de demà (1975)
  • Jordi Sabatés, solos de piano. Duets amb Santi Arisa (1979 • Jordi Sabatés & Santi Arisa)
  • Portraits-Solituts (1979)
  • The Ragtime Dance (1983)
  • A Través Del Mirall (Una Proposta Musical De Jordi Sabatés) (1986 • Jordi Sabatés, Carmen Bustamante & François Rabbath)
  • El Secret de la criolla (1988)
  • Nosferatu, Hacia el Vampiro (1992)
  • Keatoniana. Un somni de Buster Keaton (1997)

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