Jon Lucien

Jon Lucien (Jan. 8, 1942 — Aug. 18, 2007) was a soul singer and musician from the island of Tortola in the Virgin Islands. Between 1970 and 1976, he released five albums on RCA and Columbia. For the 1973/74 albums Rashida and Mind’s Eye, him and producer Dave Grusin forged a samba-jazz/funk musical hybrid that is much-revered among Rare Groove enthusiasts in the 21st century.

After the 1980 release Romantico, Lucien stepped away from the industry for 11 years. He returned in 1991 and released seven further albums up to his passing in 2007 at age 65.


  • I Am Now (1970)
  • Rashida (1973)
  • Mind’s Eye (1974)
  • Song for My Lady (1975)
  • Premonition (1976)
  • Romantico (1980)

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