John Blair

John Blair (Nov. 8, 1943 — June 3, 2006) was an American violinist and guitarist from Toledo, Ohio, who released the 1971 album Mystical Soul on New York small-press A&R. After five years of session work for assorted jazz, soul, and pop artists (Alice Coltrane, Bobby Womack, Charles Earland, Hall & Oates), he made the 1976–77 albums Southern Love and We Belong Together on Columbia and CTI. He cultivated the Vitar: a hybrid violin–guitar instrument responsible for the searing string sound on the Blair originals “Sunburst,” “Tower of Fantasy,” and “Canadian Lady Rock.”


  • Mystical Soul (1971)
  • Southern Love (1976)
  • We Belong Together (1977)
  • “Respect” (1983)
  • “Momma Said Shut-Up” (1985)

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