Jigsaw was an English pop-rock band from Coventry that released a trio of singles on MGM/Music Factory in 1968, followed by two albums on Philips between 1970 and 1972, a second pair of albums on BASF in 1973/74, and a further trio of longplayers on Chelsea and Splash between 1975 and 1978. They are best known for their 1975 single “Sky High,” a Top 10 hit in several nations.

Members: Clive Scott (keyboards, vocals), Dave “Biffo” Beech (vocals, drums, 1966-67), Barrie Bernard (bass, 1966-78), Tony Campbell (guitar, 1966-79), Tony Britnell (saxophone, 1966-74), Kevin Mahon (saxophone, 1966-70), Des Dyer (drums, vocals, 1967-81), Jon Fox (bass guitar, 1978-81), Rod Godwin (guitar, 1979-81), Tim Stone (guitar, 1981-83), Peter Dennis (bass, 1981-83)

Jigsaw was formed in 1966 by six musicians from Coventry and nearby Rugby. By 1967, the lineup stabilized with singer/keyboardist Clive Scott, guitarist Tony Campbell, bassist Barrie Bernard, drummer Des Dyer, and saxophonists Tony Britnell and Kevin Mahon. They took their name from the Jigsaw Club in Manchester.

The band had links to prior beatsters The Antarctics (Scott), The Surfcyders and Clockwork Shoppe (Dyer), The Mighty Avengers (Campbell, Mahon), Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours (Bernard), and The Fortunes (Britnell).

Inspired by the stage antics of The Who and The Move, Jigsaw’s early concerts featured amp explosions and fire-eating.

In May 1968, Jigsaw made their vinyl debut with the MGM pink-label single “One Way Street” (b/w “Then I Found You”). Their next two singles, “Mr. Job” (b/w “A Great Idea”) and “Let Me Go Home” (b/w “Tumblin'”), appeared that fall on Music Factory.

In 1970, Jigsaw served as the backing band for American soulster Arthur Conley on a European tour. Around this time, Mahon left the band.


  • “One Way Street” / “Then I Found You” (1968)
  • “Mr. Job” / “A Great Idea” (1968)
  • “Let Me Go Home” / “Tumblin'” (1968)
  • Leatherslade Farm (1970)
  • Aurora Borealis (1972)
  • Broken Hearted (1973)
  • I’ve Seen the Film, I’ve Read the Book (1974)
  • Sky High (1975)
  • Pieces of Magic (1977)
  • Journey Into Space (1978)
  • Home Before Midnight (1980)
  • Jigsaw (1982)


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  1. where is barrie bernard guitarist in jigsaw now in 2024 loved that group

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