Jericho — aka Jericho Jones — were a London-based Israeli hard-rock band of the early 1970s that evolved from the final lineup of late-’60s Tel Aviv psych-rockers the Churchill’s. As Jericho Jones, the band released the album Junkies Monkeys & Donkeys in 1971 on A&M. Two further singles and an eponymous album under the abbreviated name Jericho followed on the label in 1972.

Members: Robb Huxley (guitar), Ami Triebich (drums), חיים רומנו [Haim Romano] (lead guitar), מיקי גבריאלוב [Miki Gavrielov] (bass), Danny Shoshan (vocals)


  • Junkies Monkeys & Donkeys (as Jericho Jones, 1971)
  • Jericho (1972)

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