Jeff & Jane Hudson

Jeff & Jane Hudson are an American husband/wife coldwave duo from Boston that cut two singles as The Rentals on self-press Rent/Rental in 1979. Under their own names, they issued two shortplayers on Manhattan small-press Infidelity in 1981. A further single and the album Flesh appeared on eponymous-press J & J Records in 1983.

Members: Jane Hudson (bass, vocals, keyboards), Jeff Hudson (guitar, vocals)


  • “I Got A Crush On You” / “New York” (1979 • The Rentals)
  • “Gertrude Stein” / “Low Rent” (1979 • The Rentals)
  • World Trade (EP, 1981)
  • “No Clubs” / “Dream” (1981)
  • “Special World” / “My Mother Told Me” (1983)
  • Flesh (1983)



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