Jazz Celula

Jazz Celula were a Czech jazz-rock big band that was active for 18 years, starting in 1967. The one constant throughout that time was bandleader/trumpeter Laco Deczi, who received co-billing on certain releases.

In 1969, the band debuted as The Cellula Quintet with the album Pietoso on Supraphon. Between 1976 and 1978, the band issued the album Oheň až Požár on Panton and a self-titled sophomore effort on Opus. In 1979, the band recorded a two-song EP for Panton’s Mini Jazz Klub series. Two further albums appeared during the 1980s.

Members: Laco Deczi (trumpet), Eugen Jegorov (tenor saxophone, 1967-68), Rudolf Dašek (guitar, 1967-68), Luděk Hulan (double bass, 1967-68), Luboš Nývlt (double bass, 1968), Ivan Dominák (drums, 1967-68), Jaroslav Berka (drums, 1968), Petr Král (tenor saxophone, 1968-?), Karel Růžička (piano, 1968-79), Pavel Greifoner (double bass, 1968-?), Jiří Černý (drums, 1968-?), Vincenc Kummer (double bass), Svatopluk Košvanec (trombone, 1970-81), Josef Vejvoda (drums, 1972-81), Petr Kořínek (double bass, 1974-78), Jiří Tomek (percussion), Zdeněk Dvořák (guitar, 1977-81), Zdeněk “Krisa” Fišer (guitar, 1981-85), Přemysl “Drát” Faukner (bass, 1981-85), Laco Déczi Jr. aka. Vajco Déczi (drums, 1981-85), Filip Šebánek (tenor saxophone, 1984-85)


  • Pietoso (1969)
  • Oheň až Požár (1976)
  • Laco Deczi / Jazz Cellula (1978)
  • Mini Jazz Klub 21 (EP, 1979)
  • Jazzissimo (1982)
  • Jazz Celula 5 (1986)

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