Jane was a German symphonic/hard-rock band that released 10 studio albums and a live double-LP on Brain between 1972 and 1982, followed by a final album on Sky Records in 1986.

Members: Peter Panka (drums, percussion, vocals), Klaus Hess (guitar, vocals, Moog Taurus, 1970-83, 1992-94), Werner Nadolny (organ, ARP Solina string ensemble, Moog, piano, Mellotron, 1970-73, 1975-76, 1982-94), Charly Maucher (bass, vocals, 1970-72, 1973-74, 1982-84, 1988-92), Bernd Pulst (lead vocals, 1971-72), Wolfgang Krantz (lead guitar, bass, keyboards, 1972-74), Martin Hesse (bass, vocals, 1974-82), Gottfried Janko (organ, synthesizer, electric piano, vocals, 1974-75), Manfred Wieczorke (keyboards, vocals, 1977-79), Predrag “Pedja” Jovanović (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, 1980-81), Kai Reuter (guitar, 1984-88), Klaus Henatsch (vocals, organ, piano, synthesizer, 1984-88), Bernd Kolbe (bass, 1984-86), Detlef Klamann (guitar, vocals, 1983-84)

Jane were the outgrowth of Hanover psych-rockers The JP’s (aka Justice of Peace), which issued the 1968 single “Save Me” (b/w “The War”) on Studio Ton. The band included singer Peter Panka, bassist Klaus Hess, saxophonist Werner Nadolny, and drummer Claus Zaake. The first three switched roles: Panka to drums, Hess to guitar, Nadolny to keyboards. With the addition of bassist Charly Maucher, they became Jane. (Zaake would surface in the Jane-spinoff Lady.)

In 1971, Jane welcomed vocalist Bernd Pulst, fresh from raga-rockers (and fellow Studio Ton artists) Blackmann Lane. That autumn, they entered Star Musik Studio, Hamburg, and recorded their first album with producer Günter Körber.


  • Together (1972)
  • Here We Are (1973)
  • III (1974)
  • Lady (1975)
  • Fire, Water, Earth & Air (1976)
  • Live at Home (1976)
  • Between Heaven and Hell (1977)
  • Age of Madness (1978)
  • Sign No 9 (1979)
  • Jane (1980)
  • Germania (1982)
  • Beautiful Lady (1986)


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