Jackson 5ive – Maybe Tomorrow (1971)

Maybe Tomorrow is an album by American pop/soul family act the Jackson 5ive, released in 1971 on Motown.

A1. “Maybe Tomorrow” (4:46)
A2. “She’s Good” (2:59)
A3. “Never Can Say Goodbye” (2:56)
A4. “The Wall” (3:01)
A5. “Petals” (2:30)
B1. “16 Candles” (2:45)
B2. “(We’ve Got) Blue Skies” (3:12)
B3. “My Little Baby” (2:55)
B4. “It’s Great to Be Here” (2:58)
B5. “Honey Chile” (2:47)
B6. “I Will Find a Way” (2:58)

Michael Jackson — vocals
Jermaine Jackson — vocals
Jackie Jackson — vocals
Tito Jackson — vocals
Marlon Jackson — vocals

James Anthony Carmichael — arranger
Gene Page — arranger
Hal Davis — producer

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