Jack the Lad

Jack the Lad were an English folk-rock band from Newcastle Upon Tyne that released three albums on Charisma during 1974 and 1975, followed by a fourth on United Artists in 1976. The band emerged from the initial breakup of Lindisfarne, retaining four members plus two new recruits. For their 1976 Jackpot tour, the band donned jester hats and toured with jester-haired Kiwi art-rockers Split Enz.  

Members: Simon Cowe (guitar, bass, vocals, mandolin), Ray Laidlaw (drums), Billy Mitchell (guitar, banjo, vocals), Rod Clements (bass, violin, guitar, vocals), Ian Fairbairn (guitar, mandolin, banjo, violin, vocals), Phil Murray (bass, vocals)


  • It’s Jack the Lad (1974)
  • The Old Straight Track (1974)
  • Rough Diamonds (1975)
  • Jackpot (1976)

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