Iskander were a German symphonic-rock band that released the album Bohème 2000 on Herkules in 1982. Two further albums appeared on Iron Curtain between 1987 and 1990.

Members: Peter Tassius (piano, 1974-78), Gabi Stolz [Gabriele Knüppel] (organ, flute, 1974-81) Klaus-Jürgen Knüppel (synthesizer, electric piano, flute, acoustic guitar, vocals), Hajo Kann (drums, percussion), Ulrich Mennenöh (bass, synthesizers, guitar, 1977-present), Martin Firniss (guitar, 1981-84), Michael Pichmann (guitar, vocals, 1978-present), Bernd Weissbach (vocals, 1984-88), Rainer Weber [Rainer Manthey] (keyboards, percussion, 1990-present)


  • Bohème 2000 (1982)
  • Mental Touch (1987)
  • Another Life (1990)

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