Instant Funk

Instant Funk were an American soul-funk band from Trenton, N.J., that released the album Get Down With the Philly Jump on TSOP in 1976, followed by six albums on Salsoul Records between 1979 and 1983.

Members: Raymond Earl (bass), Kim Miller (guitar), Scotty Miller (drums), Bunny Sigler (piano), Dennis Richardson (keyboards), James Carmichael (vocals), Larry Davis (trumpet), Johnny Onderlinde (saxophone), Eric Huff (trombone), George Bell (guitar), Charles Williams (percussion), Elijah Jones (vocals), Donald Lamons (piano, vocals), Michael Gist (percussion)


  • Get Down With the Philly Jump (1976)
  • Instant Funk (1979)
  • Witch Doctor (1979)
  • The Funk Is On (1980)
  • Looks So Fine (1982)
  • Instant Funk V (1983)
  • Kinky (1983)

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