Ingram were an American soul-funk sextet that consisted of a namesake brother/sister musical clan from Camden, N.J. The band debuted as The Ingram Kingdom with a self-titled album on Excello in 1976, followed by That’s All under the family surname on H & L Records in 1977. The siblings linked with members of Fat Larry’s Band for a pair of albums as Philly Cream at the turn of the 1980s. Two further Ingram albums appeared on Mirage in 1983 and 1984.

Members: Butch Ingram, James “Jimmy” Ingram, Barbara Ingram, Billy Ingram, John Ingram, Timmy Ingram, Francis Ingram, Edith Ingram, Virginia Ingram


  • The Ingram Kingdom (1976)
  • That’s All (1977)
  • Would You Like to Fly (1983)
  • Night Stalkers (1984)

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