Industry were an American New Wave/synthpop band from NYC, formed in 1978 as Industrial Complex by ex-Cathedral drummer Mercury Caronia. The initial combo released an eponymous EP on self-press Metro Records in 1980. After a lineup overhaul that roped-in fellow Cathedral alumnus Rudy Perrone, the band issued a second EP, Turning to Light, on self-press Mannequin Records in 1981. Signed to Capitol, their 1983 singular album Stranger to Stranger yielded the international hit “State of the Nation.”

Perrone issued a folk-psych solo album just prior to joining Industry. Keyboardist Jon Carin became a prominent industry multi-instrumentalist, providing backup for Pete Townshend and filling Roger Waters’ vacated role in Pink Floyd during the late ’80s and ’90s.

Members: Mercury Caronia (synthesizer, percussion, drums), Andrew P. Geyer (guitar, synthesizer, vocals, 1980), Rudy Perrone (guitar, bass, vocals, 1981–84), Jon Carin (synthesizer, keyboards, vocals, 1981–84), Brian Unger (guitar, vocals, 1981–84)


  • Industry (EP, 1980)
  • Turning to Light (EP, 1981)
  • Stranger to Stranger (1983)

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