Indexi were a Yugoslav pop/rock/psych band from Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, formed in 1962. Between 1964 and 1969, the band sporadically issued shortplayers on RTB. The band’s output increased during the 1970s with two singles per-year, mostly on Diskoton. In 1972, the band released a self-titled album on ZKP RTVLJ, followed in 1978 by the popular Modra Rijeka on Jugoton.

Members: Ismet “Nuno” Arnautalić (rhythm guitar, 1962-69), Šefko Akšamija (bass, 1962-65), Slobodan “Bobo” Misaljević (guitar, 1962-65), Đorđe Uzelac (keyboards, 1962-65), Nedim Hadžihasanović (drums, 1962-63), Alija Hafizović (vocal, 1963-64), Đorđe Kisić (drums, 1964-68, 1977-91, 1999-2001), Davorin Popović (vocal, 1964-2001), Slobodan Kovačević (guitar, 1965-2001), Fadil Redžić (bass 1965-96), Kornelije Kovač (keyboards 1967-68), Miroslav Šaranović (drums 1968-73), Đorđe Novković (keyboards, 1968-69, 1973), Ranko Rihtman (keyboards 1969-70), Vlado Pravdić (keyboards, 1971-73), Enco Lesić (keyboards, 1971-72, 1975), Milić Vukašinović (drums, 1974-75), Miroslav Maraus (keyboards 1974), Nenad Jurin (keyboards, 1976-96), Perica Stojanović (drums, 1976)


  • Indeksi (1972)
  • Modra Rijeka (1978)

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