Impuls were a Czech jazz-rock band from Praha that was active during the second half of the 1970s, debuting with two numbers on the 1975 live comp Jazzrocková Dílna on Panton. In 1976, the band issued a two-song EP as part of the label’s Mini Jazz Klub series.

In 1977, another two tracks appeared on Panton’s Jazzrocková Dílna 2 album, alongside cuts by Energit and Jazz Q. That same year, Impuls issued their singular, self-titled album for the label. In 2008, the album and all prior tracks were issued on CD by Indies Happy Trails Records.

Members: Zdeněk Fišer (guitar), Pavel Kostiuk (keyboards), Michal Gera (trumpet, flugelhorn, 1974-80), Jaromír Helešic (drums, percussion, 1974-80), Jan Vytrhlík (bass, 1974-75), Alexander Čihař (bass, 1975-76), František Uhlíř (double bass, 1976-80)


  • Mini jazz klub č. 7 (EP, 1976)
  • Impuls (1977)

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