I’m So Hollow

I’m So Hollow was an English coldwave/post-punk band from Sheffield that issued a single on self-press Hollogram in 1980, followed by the album Emotion / Sound / Motion on small-press Illuminated in 1981.

Members: Jane Wilson (vocals, synthesizer), Rod Leigh (guitar, vocals), Dayton Marsden (bass), Josef Sawicki (percussion)

Inception, Early Tracks

I’m So Hollow emerged from the pioneering electro-industrial scene in Sheffield that spawned Cabaret Voltaire, Clock DVA, The Comsat Angels, The Human League, Stunt Kites, and Vice Versa. Their track “I Don’t Know” was included on two 1980 small-press compilations: The First Fifteen Minutes (Neutron) and Hicks from the Sticks (Rockburgh).

I’m So Hollow issued the single “Dreams to Fill the Vacuum” (b/w “Distraction”) in 1980 on one-press Hollogram Records. It was produced by the BBC’s Harry Parker, who later supervised recordings for The Waterboys and Deacon Blue. I’m So Hollow also recorded a Peel session on Aug. 13, 1980. In addition to the aforementioned a-side, the session features an eventual album track (“Which Way?”) and two exclusives: “Fashion” and “Monotony.”

Emotion / Sound / Motion

In 1981, I’m So Hollow released the album Emotion / Sound / Motion on small-press Illuminated. It features five originals, including the propulsive, echoey “Entrance”; the torrential, off-center “Distraction”; the blurred, loopy “Collisions”; and the searing, throbbing “Excitement = Change.”

Common musical traits of the album include de-tuned guitars, sputtering synths, bubbling-over toms, and rapid-poking basslines. The back cover features a videograph photo of each band member, taken by designer Peter Hill, who later did visuals for Haircut One Hundred, Endgames, Elton John, and Phil Collins.

Guitarist Rod Leigh released a pair of 1985/86 maxi-singles with the electro-industrial band Workforce.


  • “Dreams to Fill the Vacuum” / “Distraction” (1981)
  • Emotion / Sound / Motion (1981)


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