Iconoclasta were a Mexican symphonic-rock band that released three albums on Discos Rosenbach between 1983 and 1987, followed by another trio of albums at decade’s end on Phoenix Records.

Members: Nohemi D’Rubin (Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Synthesizer), Ricardo Moreno (Guitar, Synthesizer), Ricardo Ortegón (Guitar), Rosa Moreno (Piano, Synthesizer, Organ), Victor Baldovinos (Drums, Percussion)


  • Iconoclasta (1983)
  • Reminiscencias (1985)
  • Soliloquio (1987)
  • Adolescencia cronica (1988)
  • En busca de sentido (1989)
  • La rencarnación de Maquiavelo (1992)
  • De Todos Uno (1995)
  • La granja humana (2000)

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