Icarus were an English hard-rock/psych band from London that released a standalone single on Spark in 1968, followed by the album The Marvel World of Icarus on Pye in 1972. The album’s cover art features eight popular characters from the Marvel Universe. This sparked a dispute between the band’s label and Marvel Comics, which led to the album being withdrawn soon after its release.

Members: Iain Hills [Iain Hines] (keyboards), Glyn Havard (vocals, bass, 1968-?), Les Carske (lead guitar, 1968-?), Ray Steadman (drums, 1968-?), Peter Curtain (drums, ?-1972), Norrie Devine (saxophone, flute, clarinet, ?-1972), Steve Hart [aka Brian Hart] (vocals, ?-1972), Dave Plotel (guitar), Jon Plotel (bass), Jimmy Wiley (bass, ?-1972), John Etheridge (guitar, ?-1972)


  • “The Devil Rides Out” / “You’re in Life” (1968)
  • The Marvel World of Icarus (1972)

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