I Califfi

I Califfi were an Italian beat group that released numerous shortplayers on Rifi between 1965 and 1969, culminating with the album Cosi ti Amo. In 1973, the band’s embrace of symphonic/hard-rock was displayed on the Cetra longplayer Fiore di Metallo.

Members: Paolo Tofani (guitar, 1966-71), Giacomo Romoli (keyboards, 1966-71), Franco Boldrini (bass, vocals), Carlo Felice Marcovecchio (drums, vocals, 1966-71), Vincenzo Amadei (guitar, vocals, 1972-73), Sandro Cinotti (keyboards, 1972-73), Maurizio Boldrini (drums, vocals, 1972-73)


  • Cosi ti Amo (1969)
  • Fiore di Metallo (1973)

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