Hungry Wolf

Hungry Wolf was an English brass-rock/psych studio project that yielded a self-titled album on Philips in 1970. The band consisted of session players and library musicians that concurrently grouped under the monikers Rumplestiltskin and Ugly Custard. Most tracks on the Hungry Wolf album were re-titled/repurposed on the Alan Parker/Alan Hawkshaw KPM Music release Music for a Young Generation, released in 1971 as number 1086 in the KPM 1000 Series.

Members: Clem Cattini (drums), John Edwards (trombone), Tony Fisher (trumpet), Herbie Flowers (bass), Ken Gouldie (trombone), Cliff Hardy (trombone), Bobby Haughey (trumpet), Alan Hawkshaw (keyboards), Alan Parker (guitar), Peter Lee Stirling [Peter Charles Greene, aka Daniel Boone] (vocals), Derek Watkins (trumpet)

“Custards Last Stand” … staccato, frenetic combo organ in G, poked by snaky guitar notes…. Full-band, full-speed at :30 in C… repeat first movement… band comes back, tambourine-driven Motown groove in G…. Stax/Motown/Ekseption.. “Country Wild” brassy, rising intro, lands on high sustain…. Fast Emerson-like organ fugue takes hold, flanked by spaghetti-western guitar twang and metal-rattling percussion… brassy theme repeats….slow bluesy groove in G with wailing guitar… fugue returns in Em… rising intro on organ without brass.. things quiet around 2:00, slow psych organ sustan for 40 seconds… Latinized section commenced, slow groove with bendy guitar, percussion, Hammond flashes…fuge recapitulates…. Shimmery echoey outro “Melanie” sustain piano note in low C, drop to F amid brassy blast… ivory run upward… Leslied guitar figure over C/F/Ab/Bb/C pattern… dropouts for brass/woodwinfs… main figure retakes with scratchy, trebly rhythm guitar and sporadic flashes of Hammond.. rising brass climx



  • Hungry Wolf (1970)

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