Honeymoon Suite

Honeymoon Suite were a Canadian modern-rock band that issued four albums on WEA between 1984 and 1991, scoring internationally with their sophomoric 1985 release The Big Prize.

Members: Johnnie Dee [Johnnie Degiuli] (lead vocals, guitar), Derry Grehan (guitar), Dave Betts (drums, 1982-89, 2007-present), Ray Coburn (keyboards, 1983-86, 1989-94, 2007-09), Gary Lalonde (bass, 1983-90, 2007-present), Rob Preuss (keyboards, 1986-89), Jorn Anderson (drums, 1989-92)


  • Honeymoon Suite (1984)
  • The Big Prize (1985)
  • Racing After Midnight (1988)
  • Monsters Under the Bed (1991)

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