Hello Sailor

Hello Sailor were a New Zealander rock band that released two albums on Zodiac-subsidiary Key in 1977 and 1978. The band regrouped in the mid-1980s for an album on Zulu Records.

Members: Graham Brazier (vocals, saxophone, harmonica, guitar), Harry Lyon (guitar, vocals), Dave McArtney (guitar, vocals, 1975-2013), Graeme Turner (drums, 1975-76), Tony McMaster (bass, 1975), Andy McDonald (bass, 1975), Lisle Kinney (bass, 1975-80, 1985-87), Ricky Ball (drums, 1976-80)


  • Hello Sailor (1977)
  • Pacifica Amour (1978)
  • Shipshape and Bristol Fashion (1986)

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