Headstone were an English hard-rock band that released the album Bad Habits on EMI in 1974, followed by a self-titled release in 1975. Vocalist/guitarist Mark Ashton hailed from the original lineup of Rare Bird, releasing two albums with the band circa 1969/70. He briefly launched a solo career, releasing two solo albums between 1976 and 1979. Headstone also featured Irish violinist Joe O’Donnell (East of Eden, Mushroom, Riff Raff) and prolific session drummer Peter Van Hooke.

Members: Mark Ashton (vocals, guitar), Steve Bolton (lead guitar), Phil Chen (bass), Chili Charles (drums), Jerome Rimson (bass), Peter Van Hooke (drums), Joe O’Donnell (violin)

Bassist Jerome Rimson subsequently played on Stomu Yamashta‘s Go Live From Paris — the live version of the 1976 Yamash’ta/Winwood/Shrieve project Go — and joined Automatic Man for its 1977 Visitors album. Rimson also played on albums by Paul Parish and Liverpudlian soul-funksters the Real Thing.

Guitarist Steve Bolton played on a string of albums, including O’Donnell’s Vision, Zaine Griff‘s Ashes and Diamonds and the first two solo releases by ex-Doctors of Madness frontman Richard Strange. During the mid-1980s, Bolton became a mainstay in singer Paul Young‘s backing band, featuring on 1985’s The Secret of Association.


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