Hawk were a South African hard-rock/psych band that released two albums on Parlophone during the early 1970s. The band included ex-Suck/Freedom’s Children guitarist Julian Laxton and Tidal Wave drummer Ivor Black. Vocalist Dave Ornellas had fronted 1960s beat group The Idiots.

In 1973, Hawk released Live and Well, a concert recording that features the 15-minute epic “Slowly Towards the North (suite).” That same year, the nameplate was altered to Jo’burg Hawk for the English market, where the second album was issued with new cover art on Charisma Records.

Members: Dave Ornellas (vocals), Mark “Spook” Kahn (guitar), Braam Malherbe (drums), Les “Jet” Goode (bass), Julian Laxton (guitar), Ivor Back (drums)


  • African Day (1971)
  • Africa She too Can Cry (1972)
  • Live and Well (1973)

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