Hawk on Flight

Hawk on Flight were a Swedish jazz-rock band that released eight albums on assorted labels between 1979 and 1996.

Members: Matz Nilsson (bass), Håkon Graf (piano, keyboards), Lars Jansson (piano, keyboards), Dan Helgesen (piano, keyboards), Frederik Adlers (piano, keyboards), Tomas Darelid (piano, keyboards), Håkan Glänte (piano, keyboards), Jacob Karlzon (piano, keyboards), Niels Nordin (drums), Raymond Karlsson (drums), Christer Sjöström (drums), Per Lindvall (drums), Terje Sundby (drums), Ulf Wakenius (guitar), Staffan William-Olsson (guitar), Göran Klinghagen (guitar), Ove Ingemarsson (tenor saxophone, EWI), Niklas Hedin (percussion)


  • In Time For (1979)
  • Hawk on Flight (1980)
  • Blue Eyed (1984)
  • Talk of the Town (1985)
  • Bermuda Triangle (1989)

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