Hard Corps

Hard Corps were an English coldwave/synthpop band from London that released a standalone single on Survival Records in 1984, followed by a pair of singles on Polydor in 1985 and a fourth on Sonoscope in 1987. The singles were collected  with additional recordings on two compilations by specialty archivists Minimal Wave during the 2010s. French-born frontwoman Regine Fetet (d. 2003) drew notoriety to the band by stripping during live performances.

Keyboardist Clive Pierce and programmer Hugh Ashton were the drummer and bassist, respectively, of punkers The Skunks, which issued a one-off single on Pete Townshend‘s Eel Pie label in 1978. They subsequently formed the synthpop foursome Craze, which issued two singles on Harvest in 1980/81. Ashton also cut a 1981 single with coldwave trio Beasts in Cages, which included ex-Silent Types/future-Hard Corps keyboardist Rob Doran. A decade earlier, Ashton released an album with U.K. Afro-funksters Danta and briefly recorded with its spin-off act Ozo.

Members: Regine Fetet (vocals), Hugh Ashton (programming), Rob Doran (keyboards), Clive Pierce (keyboards), Paul Davies (keyboards)


  • “Dirty / “Respirer (To Breathe)” (1984)
  • “To Breathe” / “Metal and Flesh” (1985)
  • “Je suis passée” / “Je suis passée (instr.)” (1985)
  • “Lucky Charm” / “Porte-bonheur” (1987)


  • Metal & Flesh (1990)
  • Clean Tables Have To Be Burnt (2012)
  • Rarities (2013)
  • Radio Sessions (2015)

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