Happy End

Happy End (はっぴいえんど) were a Japanese folk-psych band from Chiyoda, Tokyo, that released two albums on URC in 1970/71, followed by a third album and a live disc on Bellwood in 1973/74.

Members: 細野晴臣 [Haruomi Hosono] (bass, vocals), 大瀧詠一 [Eiichi Ohtaki] (vocals), 松本隆 [Takashi Matsumoto] (drums), 鈴木茂 [Shigeru Suzuki] (guitar, vocals)


  • はっぴいえんど (Happy End) (1970)
  • 風街ろまん (Kazemachi Roman) (1971)
  • Happy End (1973)
  • ライヴ!!はっぴいえんど (live, 1974)

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