Hansson & Karlsson

Hansson & Karlsson were the Swedish rock duo of organist Bo Hansson and drummer Jan Carlsson. They released the 1967–69 Polydor albums Monument, Rex, and Man at the Moon. They befriended Jimi Hendrix, who added their song “Tax Free” to his live set. Hansson made multiple solo albums, including the popular 1970 instrumental release Sagan om Ringen (aka Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings). Carlsson became an actor and TV show host.

Members: Bo Hansson (organ), Jan Carlsson (drums)

Hansson & Karlsson formed in 1966 in Stockholm when ex-Merrymen keyboardist Bo Hansson teamed with veteran jazz drummer Jan Carlsson.


  • Monument (1967)
  • Rex (1968)
  • Man at the Moon (1969)


  • “Lidingö Airport” / “Canada Lumberyard” (1967)
  • “P Som I Pop” (1968)


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