Halmens were a Japanese New Wave band from Tokyo that released two albums on Flying Dog in 1980/81.

Members: 佐伯健三 [サエキけんぞう [Kenzo Saeki]] (vocals), 比賀江隆男 [Takao Higae] (guitar, synthesizer), 石原智広 [Tomohiro Ishihara] (bass), 上野耕路 [Koji Ueno] (keyboards, violin, composer), 泉水敏郎 [Toshiro Sensui] (drums)


  • ハルメンズの近代体操 (Halmens no Kindai Taisō) (1980)
  • ハルメンズの20世紀 (Halmens no 20-Seiki) (1981)

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