Haikara were a Finnish symphonic/jazz-rock band from Lahti, formed in 1971. The band released two popular albums on RCA Victor between 1972 and 1974, followed by an album and single on Satsanga/Hi-Hat in the mid-’70s. A late-’90s reunion produced two further albums.

Members: Vesa Lattunen (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards), Vesa Lehtinen (vocals, percussion), Harri Pystynen (flute, saxophone), Timo Vuorinen (bass), Markus Heikkerö (drums, percussion), Auli Lattunen (vocals), Eljas Holm (bassoon), Jorma Nikulainen (bass), Hannu Rontu (drums)


  • Haikara (1972)
  • Geafar (1974)
  • Iso lintu (1975)
  • “Pilven poika” / “Jumbo” (1976)
  • Haikara IV: Domino (1998)
  • Tuhkamaa (2001)

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